Monday, December 3, 2012

Henry Explores the Mountains

Henry Explores the Mountains
by Mark Taylor
illustrations by Graham Booth
My son adores Henry.  Which is why I am thankful that Henry and his dog Laird Angus McAngus adventure through three other books.  I chose one at random to share with you today.
Henry and Angus set out one day to explore the mountains before winter sets in.  He brings a long rope and his ever read set of flags which he uses to claim his conquered land.  These little flags come into play in every Henry book.
They forge over the foothills, through the valley, and into the mountain canyon. They encounter
a fox,
and a wolf.
But Henry and Angus are brave, intrepid explorers.  Thankfully, they are rescued just in time by an old mountain man who happens upon them.  After thanking him, Henry and Angus take their leave, and soon come to the top of the mountain.
And from the peak of Mount Henry, they spy . . .
a forest fire!
Angus is so excited he forgets to be careful.  Suddenly there is an avalanche, and Angus is carried away!  Poor Angus is knocked out cold, lying still on the ledge below.  Angus runs to the mountain man's cabin for help.
Will the fire be contained?  And what about our dear and loyal Angus?  Who will save the day? 
I'll give you a little clue to the ending.  Remember those flags?
They're mighty important.

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